Stronger together to overcome the COVID-19
Fri., 30/10/2020

Dear customers and partners,

These days the world has been enduring the never known pandemic, COVID-19 for a long time. Countries all around the world are making a lot of efforts to defeat the virus, but we are still suffering a lot of pain and making huge sacrifices.

VITAL PARACHUTE follows the Korean government's COVID-19 quarantine guidelines and has been conducting preventive measures and quarantine against the virus at offices, factories, suppliers, and other locations since early this year to keep employees safe from the virus. Through these efforts, VITAL PARACHUTE has been successfully delivering the parachute products and materials to its customers to more than 10 countries including Europe, Asia, and America this year and now all employees are working hard to produce parachute products contracted in three countries to meet their needs.

We all believe that we will be able to overcome COVID-19 in the near future as possible. And we're sure that the lessons that humanity has learned from COVID-19 will contribute to better human development by gaining more valuable insights for the future.

VITAL PARACHUTE will do its best to keep its promise with customers even in difficult situations of this pandemic.

May you and your family be safe.